da Ian Gilchrist

Ian Gilchrist


Since you’re looking, few key points about me might be in order..:

  1. BulletWith a good beginning in the Navy as a radio tech I moved logically into Desktops, Servers, Unix, Networking, Security and Identity Management.

  2. BulletI've been lucky enough to have transacted in just about every country in the JAPAC region so am well versed with all the business cultures and challenges.

  3. BulletI've worked for Defence, End customers, Partners, Vendors, Telcos so I understand how the IT scene in region works, from every angle.

  4. BulletVery Dynamic - I've done business with Schools on $1500 orders, right through BHP via IBM for $20 Million deals and everything in between.

  5. BulletI’ve presented to Industry security forums of the top companies in Australia and at AusCert.

  6. BulletI'm well versed in working with large companies - IBM & Oracle as Case in point though I thrive in environments like smaller startups etc.

  7. BulletI work as needed, Travel as required, & just get the job done!

  1. GILchrist

  2. IAN.

Type : Senior Sales Engineer / Consultant

Field : Networking / Security


My Specialty would have to be in the technical field. I have a real flair for Pre-Sales - it's not just about knowing your tech that matters, it's about understanding your audience and being an effective communicator and negotiator - that's where I excel.

First and foremost I really enjoy getting out, meeting clients, and doing great presentations and demonstrations.

Perhaps most important - I’m not one to hide behind emails and am never shy to reach out to a new contact - somewhat rare for a pre-sales kind of character.!

I also really enjoy hands on, be it technical or consulting. In terms of job role for me it’s more about the team I work with and the technology - more so than pure financial reward.

Often when people become senior in their field they feel they might be too senior to do things like help out on a support issue - this is NOT me!

Roles that would suit me perfectly would be ;

  1. -Traditional Pre-Sales

  2. -Systems Engineering

  3. -Consulting

  4. -Installation / deployment